iOS 7 cant' display all of the 1709 polling stations at once.

Please enter your address or use the automatic geolocation to get detailled election results of your polling station.

What the map shows

The map shows the official final voting results of the 1709 Berlin electoral districts from 23 September 2013. Absentee ballots are not taken into account.

The electoral districts are colored according to the party with the most second votes - the darker the color, the better the result for that party. (The second vote is cast for a party list; it determines the relative strengths of the parties represented in the Bundestag.)

By clicking on a voting district or searching for an address, all the results of the relevant polling stations will be displayed - every single vote, all the parties, all the candidates.

The key shows the Berlin election results including absentee ballots. If you want to see the top ten strongholds of a party simply click on the name of that party.

If you would like to get more detailed information, you can filter the results according to the following topics: Where was the race especially close? How was the outcome in districts with a lot of families with small children? Where were the results very different compared to 2009?

The application adapts itself to being displayed on smartphones or tablets and can also be viewed in full screen mode.

This is the Berlin vote (second vote)
Click on a particular party to show its top ten strongholds.
  1. CDU 28,5% ×
  2. SPD 24,6% ×
  3. Linke 18,5% ×
  4. Grüne 12,3% ×
  5. AfD 4,9% ×
  6. Piraten 3,6% ×
  7. FDP 3,6% ×
  1. NPD 1,5%×
  2. Partei 1,0%×
  3. Freie Wähler 0,4%×
  4. proDeutschland 0,3%×
  5. ÖDP 0,2%×
  6. BIG 0,2%×
  7. Republikaner 0,1%×
  8. BüSo 0,1%×
  9. MLPD 0,1%×
  10. PSG 0,1%×
Others 4,0%
Party nominees (first vote)
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Results without absentee ballot
2013 - voter turnout %
2009 - voter turnout %
Second vote (party):
      First vote (candidate):
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          Julius Tröger, André Pätzold, Moritz Klack, Quelle: Landeswahlleiterin Berlin, 23.09.2013